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Sponsor Information


Rolling Thunder Enterprises offers a number of sponsorship categories as well as programs, both educational and entertaining for sponsorship. Sponsorships for both individuals and corporations offer a full range of benefits and price categories.

Depending on your level of sponsorship, packages include tickets, signage designating your company as a sponsor, banners, product display space, logos on printed materials and inclusion in radio and television ads.

Use your Rolling Thunder sponsorship to let your clients, friends and employees know about your commitment to cultural education and diversity. We at Rolling Thunder are committed to presenting cultural education and entertainment about Native American people as well as other indigenous people from around the world.


The Advantage of Special Event Marketing

"Conventional advertisement has been best rewarded by the non- conventional approach."

                                                                                          --Michael Levine

    - Create positive image advertising
    - Implant product/corporate awareness
    - Increase business traffic and sales
    - Entertain clients and/or employees
    - Introduce new products and services
    - Captive audience advertising
    - Learn more about your customers while you survey their interest
    - Expand your sales potential to a diversified audience of of consumers that are gaining prominent advantage in the American marketplace
    - Be recognized for your support of our U.S. Veterans as well as your community

For additional information or to sign-up for sponsorship, contact Rolling Thunder at 770-735-6275. Or, contact us through email at - please include your name, company name, and telephone and fax numbers. One of our representatives will get back to you.


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