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28th Annual Cherokee Co Indian Festival and Mother’s Day Powwow

May 13 - 14, 2017


Dance Competition Rules and Payout 

  • All dancers must register, in person, before registration is closed. No one can register for another dancer. Registration is $10. Each dancer will receive up to four (4) armbands for family members.
  • Dancers may only compete in one category.
  • Dancers may only compete in their age category unless categories are combined and or cancelled.
  • Dancers must wear their assigned numbers throughout the entire competition. Dropped numbers during a contest will not be considered a reason for disqualification.
  • Points will be given for all Grand Entries. Dancers must participate in all Grand Entries; spot checks will be done.
  • Any dancer who is also a drummer must dance all dances unless their drum is singing.
  • No dancer will receive points for joining the Grand Entry after the last category has entered the arena. Dancers must dance in with their category, No Exceptions.
  • Collisions or physical contact with another dancer during a competition round is grounds for immediate disqualification for that contest round.
  • Any dancer that drops any part of their regalia during a competition round will not receive points for that round.
  • Dropped eagle feathers or eagle parts are grounds for immediate disqualification for that contest round.
  • Dancers must participate in their specific dance category whether it is a competition or exhibition dance.
  • A show of disrespect for the arena director, head judge, contest judges or festival producers is grounds for immediate disqualifications from the entire contest. This includes cursing or entering the arena under the influence or alcohol or drugs.
  • Dancers who are in competition are expected to dance all dances- Crow Hop, Snake Dance, Two-Step, Round Dance, etc.
  • Points may be deducted for smoking within 50 feet of the arena while dressed in regalia.
  • All dancers must be in regalia to receive awards.
  • In the event of a rain out, partial pay or day money will be issued.


** Note: This is a FESTIVAL and the public will be taking pictures, asking questions and public display begs a common respect so please act accordingly. Thank you.


Men’s Traditional                                                Women’s Traditional

1st-             $500                                                 1st-              $500

2nd-            $250                                                 2nd-              $250

3rd-              $75                                                  3rd-               $75


Men’s Fancy                                                        Women’s Fancy

1st-             $500                                                  1st-             $500

2nd-            $250                                                   2nd-            $250

3rd-             $75                                                    3rd-             $75


Men’s Grass                                                         Women’s Jingle

1st-              $500                                                  1st-             $500

2nd-              $250                                                 2nd-            $250

3rd-              $75                                                    3rd-             $75



Teen Men’s Traditional                                          Teen Women’s Traditional

1st-              $300                                                  1st-              $300

2nd-              $150                                                 2nd-              $150

3rd-              $75                                                   3rd-               $75


Teen Men’s Fancy                                                 Teen Women’s Fancy

1st-              $300                                                   1st-             $300

2nd-              $150                                                  2nd-            $150

3rd-              $75                                                     3rd-             $75


Teen Men’s Grass                                                  Teen Women’s Jingle

1st-              $300                                                   1st-              $300

2nd-              $150                                                  2nd-              $150

3rd-              $75                                                     3rd-              $75




Dance for day pay; $25 a day or can compete in Teen’s category


Tiny Tots

Grab Bag




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